The lab focuses on auditory neuroscience, brain plasticity after hearing loss, and the restoration of hearing with cochlear implants. A central aim of the lab is to understand auditory neural representations, and how these neural representations degrade with progressive hearing loss. The central question is, what peripheral information by neural prostheses such as cochlear implants is necessary to restore these representations to allow precise auditory perception?
An additional aim is the development of mouse EEG to establish neural biomarkers for auditory/sensory phenotyping in transgenic mouse models. I am also interested in audio-visal interactions in hearing deficits, multisensory processing, and sensory processing in different brain states (e.g. anesthesia) I investigate these questions at the level of small and large populations of neurons with electroyphsiological techniques. I work in the mouse and cat brain, with multielectrode arrays, thin-film surface electrodes, and cochlear implants.